Why do I use a value line?

A value line supports discussion, evaluation, and clarification skills.  It allows a teacher to ascertain students’ opinions in a quick and visual way, and also enables students to stretch their perspectives and to learn to examine at least two sides of an issue.

How do I use a value line?

Value lines can be completed on a scale of one to ten, or by defining categories at each end.

In a value line, a teacher presents an issue, topic, or question for students to discuss. Students then line up in a variety of ways. They can be prompted to do so according to how strongly they agree or disagree with a statement or how strongly they value something. The teacher assigns a value scale to categorize possible student responses. This can be done on a scale of one to ten to denote a range of strong agreement to strong disagreement. Students would then form a line based on the value they give their response based on the scale. After students line up, the teacher can guide a whole group discussion. Students could then reconsider the value they gave their response. The activity can also be conducted by posting two opposing viewpoints on each end of the scale and asking students to stand on the line based on their agreement with each perspective.


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