Why do I use a Think-Pair-Share?

Think-Pair-Share provides a low-risk setting for group participation that is ideal for students who are new to collaborative learning.   The one-on-one personal interaction can be motivating for students who might be intimidated to participate in class discussion.  Over time, frequent use of the strategy can improve student comfort levels and increase their willingness to participate.  This is an excellent strategy to promote higher-level thinking and oral communication.

How do I use a Think-Pair-Share?

In a Think-Pair-Share activity, the teacher provides a prompt, topic, or question and students are given time to think about their responses.  Students then pair up and discuss their responses with their partner.  Lastly, each pair will share their ideas with a larger group.  Student responses can be used as a basis for class discussion and a teacher can obtain feedback about what students know, are thinking, or what they do not understand.  It allows the teacher to ask different levels of questions which can assess student understanding via listening in on several groups during the activity or collecting student responses at the end.  Think-pair-share activities can be incorporated multiple times in a lesson.  Think-Pair-Shares allow a teacher to provide a change of pace in the format of the class, and the strategy takes little preparation and minimal class time.


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