Why do I use a Gallery Walk?

Gallery Walk is a discussion technique that gets students actively engaged in a lesson by walking around the room and in conversation with their peers.  The advantage of the method is its flexibility and the variety of benefits for both students and teachers.  For students it is an opportunity to share their thoughts in a low-risk setting rather than a larger, more intimidating whole class grouping. Teachers can use the strategy to assess the depth of student understanding of particular concepts.  It can also be used to promote whole class discussion, higher order thinking, cooperative learning, and team building.

How do I use a Gallery Walk?

Students post their thoughts, ideas, drawings on a particular theme or topic onto sheets of paper, poster boards, or large sticky notes.  These are put up around the room, and students will have an opportunity to walk around the classroom and view their peers’ work.  A Gallery Walk can be conducted with computers, with pieces of paper on tables, or with posted chart paper. It can be scheduled for fifteen minutes or for several class periods, depending on the needs of the group of learners you are working with.


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