Why do I use Four Corners?

Four Corners is a cooperative learning strategy that enables students to build their expressive and receptive language skills, and results in both memorable and valuable class discussions. It can be easily adapted to any grade level and subject and takes little teacher preparation, yet is highly motivating and engaging for students. The strategy can be designed to take only several minutes of class up to an entire session. Four Corners can be used as warm-up activity, for review or preview, and to activate student background knowledge about a new topic.

How do I use Four Corners?

Grouping Pencils are an example of how students can be selected randomly for this cooperative learning strategy. The same task can be accomplished with strips of colored or numbered strips of paper, popsicle sticks, or even a deck of cards.

In this activity, four signs or posters labeled with key words or topics are placed in the four corners of the classroom. Students are numbered off into four groups and are instructed to move to the appropriate corner corresponding with their number. Students form a group with the other students at the corner.  They are given a pre-determined amount of time to discuss the topic with their peers. The group at each of the four corners choose a spokesperson, who is responsible for presenting a brief summary of their topic.


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