I believe that…

  • —Each and every student has a different learning style, and a student’s most efficient learning style may change with the specific task and/or where he or she is in the learning process.
  • —The classroom environment can facilitate or impede that process.
  • —Learning is an active process whereby students process, analyze, and examine experiences for the learning value.
  • Individual students need to be appropriately challenged.
  • —Learning is natural and ongoing but requires engagement.
  • Students need to understand from their own unique perspectives
  • Student preferences should be considered when teachers adapt instruction.
  • —Students are available for learning when they are certain of their physical safety and will take learning risks when they know they are accepted and respected.

“Knowledge Is Power” by Ernesto Yerena

Each of my lessons incorporate…

  • The Anita Archer lesson plan format
  • Neurodevelopmental methodology
  • The principles of Universal Design for Learning

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